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Finding Meaning

For clients with existential concerns.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S) in Austin, TX as well as a writer. I like to work with individuals who are committed to being true to themselves. This takes courage and risks disappointing others—but is important in terms of embracing one's sense of self. People-pleasing is a self-sabotaging, soul-killing behavior.

I am an Attachment-based therapist with a focus on meaning-of-life concerns.


Bachelor of Arts in English

Master of Arts in Counseling

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‘Tis the Season

The holidays are fraught with angst. Since late October, clients have been coming in with anxiety over upcoming family visits, tales of previous drama or longtime estrangements, and sadness over those who are no longer here. Many are financially strapped and feel pressure about spending money they don’t have. In addition, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to remind us of our childhoods, when life was either simpler and happier, or filled with pain. One thing therapi

Launching Ourselves

By Elizabeth O’Brien My husband and I are decidedly uncool in the eyes of our teenage son. Even though it’s only been a couple of years since our daughter was a high school senior, and four and half years since our firstborn son was this age, it seems we’ve forgotten, again, how to back off. We’re clingy, intrusive, overly affectionate and corny. We try too hard. I have to hand it to Sam. He’s the only one left, and at 18, he is holding up admirably. He is tolerant of our sen

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