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Finding Meaning

For clients with existential concerns.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S) in Austin, TX as well as a writer. I like to work with individuals who are committed to being true to themselves. This takes courage and risks disappointing others—but is important in terms of embracing one's sense of self. People-pleasing is a self-sabotaging, soul-killing behavior.

I am an Attachment-based therapist with a focus on meaning-of-life concerns.


Bachelor of Arts in English

Master of Arts in Counseling

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The Pets We Love—and Mourn

By Elizabeth O’Brien, LPC It might sound silly to some that certain individuals would actually visit a therapist to help them process the loss of an animal. Animals are not humans, after all. We get them for companionship, for protection, for our children. We get them because they amuse us, because they are beautiful, because they can confer status. Sometimes, we get them on sheer impulse. They are of a “lower order,” and hence subject to our whims. Most live only a few years

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