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My Practice

Stepping Into Your Life

I support clients in navigating difficult challenges, life transitions and relationships. My goal is to help clients become more self-aware and hence more emotionally attuned. Most of us need candid feedback in a safe space in which to evaluate our feelings, thoughts and behaviors so that we can make empowering changes.

I see life obstacles as opportunities for growth. Maintaining healthy boundaries and assuming personal responsibility are critical for self-actualization. When we are too defended or too complacent, we can inhabit a false self that drains our spiritual energy and prohibits authenticity. We often act on internalized, unconscious programming from our early lives—programming that might have protected us as children but which no longer works. As adults, we need to reassess and become viscerally conscious. 

Finally, I am an enthusiastic proponent of intentional self-care: eating real, unprocessed food; exercising daily; maintaining social connection; and spending contemplative time alone. The discipline established in these arenas is foundational for addressing our psyches.

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